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December 31th, 2014


Pusat Bahasa FIB-UNAIR offers an Indonesian Language Program for Non-Indonesian Speakers seeking an excellent language teaching environment. This program assists you to communicate effectively in formal Indonesian, both written and spoken.

To this end, BIPA provides you with two programs:

A. Regular Program

The Regular program consists of four levels, each of which lasts for 8 weeks. The program includes field trip, in which you will experience the excitements and uniqueness of Surabaya through its museums, historical buildings and traditional markets. In BIPA you will not only learn Indonesian, but also have the opportunities to get engaged in cultural activities such as cooking, traditional music and dance, and batik painting.

B. Special Program

In addition to the regular program, BIPA also offers special programs that are tailor-made to meet your needs and goals, as follows:

1. INTENSIVE Short Course

This program is arranged on request. We can make a special program that suits your needs and goals or you can have all the materials for regular program condensed in a period that suits your time.


This program is arranged on request and is held at your own premises to ensure your outmost convenience.