About Us

Pusat Bahasa Unair Surabaya


Becoming an excellent language center.


  • Providing integrated language services
  • Conducting high-quality teaching-language process
  • Preparing individuals with excellent language skills
  • Becoming a supporting system in the area of language service that can optimally assist the implementation of Airlangga University vision and mission

Pusat Bahasa is an excellent language center and is under the auspices of Faculty of Humanities, Airlangga University. Our concern is to provide excellent services in language courses and trainings in a communicative and fun atmosphere either for Unair's academia or public.

We provide you with one-stop English language services i.e. General English and Conversation Class, ELPT, BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing), ESP (English for Specific Purposes), EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and Teachers Training.

A wide range of courses in international languages such as Arabic, Japanese, German, French, and Dutch are also available to meet your needs.

International Language Programs

General English

This course is designed to improve your English in all areas including listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. If you need to generally enhance your English, this is the appropriate program for you, which assists you to speak, listen, read, and pronounce correctly, and increase your grammatical accuracy at the same time.

Conversation Class

Being able to understand what people say in English and to respond to them correctly are very important in communication. This program is specially designed to boost your speaking skill. This course facilitates you to be able to communicate effectively and fluently, and to use the correct expressions in daily conversation.

Unair's ELPT

ELPT (English Language Proficiency Test) is aimed at people who use English for academic purpose. Preparatory course meets and accommodates our clients different level of English proficiency.It consists of 5 levels based on the acquired ELPT scores of the participants. We ensure that this preparatory course will help every participant get appropriate materials and exercises based on their language level.

Tranining for Teachers

There is always a way to improve teachers quality in teaching English.This program is one of the ways to enhance teachers knowledge and creativity to teach English using more communicative and creative teaching methods.This program is strongly suggested for teachers to recharge their skills and ability in teaching English effectively and innovatively.The trainings cover CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) and Teaching Maths and Science in English. Feel free to consult any kind of training based on your institutions need.